Audio Switcher

Directly access your sound settings


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Audio Switcher takes you directly the sound settings on your PC, no fuss. Just by opening this program you can access all your system's tools to adjust your microphone and speaker settings, both internal and external.

This program lets you easily manage all the sound devices connected to your computer, helping you to control external devices connected via USB. (You'll need to search for these devices in the control panel among your various active drivers.)

Although accessing these settings directly is a great advantage, Audio Switcher also lets you create keyboard shortcuts to open the controls even faster, so even if you don't have the interface open you can just press a key to go to the menu for loudspeakers, sound cards, microphones, etc.

A single click is enough to open the panel, and any adjustment you want to make is just two more clicks away. Say goodbye to the days of browsing through your PC's control panel to find audio devices and sound drivers.
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